1,000 Mile walk for curlews

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The Eurasian Curlew, with its quiet beauty and haunting call, is hurtling towards extinction as a breeding bird in most parts of Britain. Curlew Action is a small charity established in late 2019 to help to reverse that tide as fast as possible. Working alongside other conservation charities so that no work is duplicated, Curlew Action’s key task is to inform, educate and inspire our community about the bird, so that our behaviour changes so as to save it. We are a tiny charity with two part time staff and low costs.

In our first two years, we have had some notable successes, not least the Defra sponsored establishment of a National Curlew Recovery Partnership, chaired by our own Mary Colwell. We also have around 100 ambassadors in communities around Britain, a Schools’ programme and a comprehensive shop and online art gallery. We are also proud to have music legend, David Gray, as our active and passionate patron.

In the Spring of 2022, and at the age of 62, our Chair of Trustees, Roger Morgan-Grenville, set off from Lymington for a 50 day, 1,000 mile walk to Cape Wrath. Largely alone, and largely off road, he aimed to raise essential funds for Curlew Action to run its projects and continue its work to reverse the decline of the curlew. To see Curlew Action's projects click here. During the walk, he was researching a number of biodiversity restoration projects, starting with the curlew in the New Forest, which will fuse with the adventure into a book to be published by Icon Books in March 2023.

‘I’ll basically be walking 20 miles a day, every day for eight weeks,’ says Morgan-Grenville, 'with the occasional day off for rest. But the effort is needed, and is worth it, if we want to save what is precious in nature for our children’.

A map of Roger's journey is included on this page. To find out more about Roger's walk, or if you would like to interview Roger, please email Ellen.

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"Through the rain, hail, sleet and snow…..Roger Morgan-Grenville has taken on the Herculean challenge of walking the entire length of Great Britain and all for the sake of our majestic Curlews. It’s Frodo Baggins level stuff. What else is there to say as we doff our caps, except - Please Give Generously!" - David Gray, Curlew Action Patron
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