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On this page we will highlight some of the advocacy work being undertaken by Curlew Action.

Curlew Action works alongside the Curlew Forum, which works for the wide array of curlew groups who are doing active fieldwork across southern, lowland and farmland England.  Curlew Action will support members of the Forum and work for its growth and success.

Curlew Action developed in part through the campaigning and advocacy for both curlew conservation and a GCSE in Natural History that has been on-going since 2011.

Through the dedicated work of our CEO Mary Colwell regional Curlew Conferences have been taking place throughout the UK, and many other advocacy events have been happening as well.

Some recent examples are:

A 'Curlew Summit' held in 10 Downing Street in July 2019.

A meeting on curlew conservation which was hosted by Prince Charles in March 2018, where Mary Colwell chaired the afternoon session.

In 2018 Mary Colwell and Caroline Lucas MP visited Michael Gove, then Secretary of State for the Environment, to press for a GCSE in Natural History.

Curlew Action's aim is to build on all this hard work over many years, always in partnership with others, keeping advocacy at the heart of all we do.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Sanders, RSPB
Members of The Curlew Forum meeting in Nov 2019
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