Lydia MacKinnon


The sign produced for Lydia’s front gate – click on the image to enlarge.

“We live in a very iconic place, on the moor outside the village of Haworth where the Brontë sisters lived.  Our house is the last inhabited house before Top Withens, which was the inspiration for Wuthering Heights. This, and the fact that we are right on the Pennine Way, means that we have a large number of walkers passing our gate.  So it seemed an ideal spot to have a sign to alert people to the plight of the curlew, and in particular to encourage them to have their dogs on leads during the nesting season.  Lots of people have stopped to read it, and we like to think that there ARE more dogs on leads this year.  We hope it has helped the three pairs of curlews who very helpfully nested nearby this year and made their presence felt with calls and flyovers as walkers passed by.”


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