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Corporate Opportunities with Curlew Action

These days, many businesses are looking for ways to reflect the values of their staff and stakeholders in their actions. Whatever the size of your business, partnering with Curlew Action is a very positive move. We are on a complex and important journey towards saving the curlew from population decline, as well as reaching out to the public (and the next generation) and communicating the importance of curlews and conservation. If you think your business, or a business which you know, shares our goals, there are various ways in which you can partner with us.

How you can help Curlew Action

  • Matched funding: agree to match (e.g. £1 for each £1 raised) the funds raised by our team in a specific event or appeal.
  • Sponsoring an event: provide financial support to allow us to put on an event or complete a project (perhaps one local to your business).
  • Involve your staff in a fundraiser: get staff members to do something fun or challenging, and raise money for Curlew Action - this could be a running challenge, bake sale, a quiz, a raffle, or even a curlew-shaped walk!
  • Make a simple financial donation, or donate a percentage of profits. If you have a product or event which you feel reflects Curlew Action in some way, you may want to donate some of the profits to the charity (for instance, WWT donate profits from the sale of their curlew clothing to us, and musician David Gray is raising money for us throughout his planned 2022 tour).
  • Support us via a company charitable trust.

What Curlew Action can offer your business

  • Fulfil your corporate social responsibility: businesses, just like individuals, can have strong values, and feel a responsibility to leave the world a better place than they found it; helping Curlew Action carry out its important work can help you achieve just that.
  • Improve your ESG credentials: it is now widely accepted that businesses will benefit financially in the long term by engaging with environmental and social issues.
  • Enhance your brand awareness and reputation: partnering with a charity like Curlew Action can be a compelling PR opportunity, aligning your brand with meaningful conservation and outreach work and demonstrating your commitment to the natural world.
  • Get your staff involved with a local curlew project, or have an inspiring member of our team to speak at a corporate event.

To discuss corporate partnerships and opportunities at Curlew Action, please get in contact with us at

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