Headstarting for Curlew Chicks

Curlew Country Headstarting Project

This has been bumper year for headstarting curlew chicks - a process where eggs are collected from the wild, the chicks reared in captivity and then released.

Headstarting has been carried out on Dartmoor, the Sandringham Estate and in Shropshire - part of the Curlew Country curlew project. On August 1st, the last batch of over 30 headstarted curlews from this Curlew Country project were released into the wilds near Stiperstones in Shropshire.

This is the 3rd year running the curlew project Curlew Country have given the local population a boost to help them survive. It has taken huge energy, dedication and commitment to make it happen, on very little money.

Curlew Action is proud to have supported this wonderful team, led by Mandi Perkins. Well done, Curlew Country.

To learn more about headstarting follow this link to an article on the website of "Back from the Brink". The article is about Godwits but the technique is more or less the same for Curlew.

And read this wonderful blog from Curlew Country volunteer Madeleine Powell, on the day to day work required to headstart curlew chicks - we are in awe of the dedication and commitment!

Curlew Action is a supporter of Curlew Country and if you'd like to make a contribution to increase what we can give them to support their work then click here to donate.  Mention in the 'comments' that you wish to support the headstarting project of Curlew Country.

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