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Free webinars

Curlews are caught in the crossfire of many of the conservation debates in the UK including: predator control, forestry, and agricultural practices. These topics can be complex and emotive and therefore at times difficult to discuss openly.

In our free webinar series Conservation: lessons from the CurlewCurlew Action is working to address these topics by inviting expert speakers to present on their area of expertise, and to answer questions from the audience.

Our upcoming webinars are listed below.

A Eurasian Curlew amongst grass with a blurred background, looking to one side with its bill open.

webinar - Curlew diets

Wednesday 13th March, 18:30-20:00

Eurasian Curlews eat a variety of invertebrates, so what impact will the ‘insect apocalypse’ have on these iconic birds? And how is this diet replaced for headstarted chicks?

Other events

Our Floating Planet

  • Tuesday 13 February, Tewkesbury Abbey

Mary Colwell will be giving a special talk at the inaugural Two Rivers Converge Festival:

“Astronaut Edgar Mitchell described it as a, “blue marble wrapped in lace.” I want to reach out and place it in a box to protect it from danger and to wrap it in cotton wool, but of course I can't.

What is possible, though, is to love this beautiful earth and commit to live lightly and with respect for all the other life that lives alongside us. As we watch with increasing concern as climate change bites it is easy to be overwhelmed with anxiety. As we hear how biodiversity is declining year on year, we can be overwhelmed by sadness and helplessness, but what my work has shown is that if you put yourself out there, love wildlife with all you have, it is amazing what can happen. Everyone can love and live well, change can happen.”

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