Curlew Sounds and Videos

On these pages we would like to share sounds and videos relating to Curlew, to show and express their beauty but also their fragility, highlighting why Curlew Action has been formed.


Keeper Of The Call

"Keeper of the Call", a beautifully touching story about one man's desire to keep the call of the Curlew alive.

More Than Memory

This beautiful and gentle song was written especially for World Curlew Day 2020 by singer/songwriter Gareth Davis Jones. A love song to a wonderful bird.

The Seven Whistlers

A video of the song "The Seven Whistlers" by Sarah Deere-Jones, written to highlight the loss of Curlew and other birdsong

St Beuno & The Curlew

The legend of St Beuno and The Curlew - a song by Barron Brady.

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