Curlew Action Partners

Successful conservation requires support and collaboration between different initiatives and stakeholders. Curlew Action works with several different organisations to support curlew populations. In addition to our own projects, Curlew Action raises funds to support the practical conservation efforts of smaller curlew groups.


cropped-Curlew-Country-new-teal-logo-1Curlew Country is a group based in the Shropshire Hills and Powys boarder. Founded in 2014, the group works closely with local land managers to deliver real landscape scale conservation. Nest monitoring during their first two active years revealed that no chicks survived to fully fledge in over 30 nests. Curlew Country’s pioneering work has turned this around to 60 fully fledges chicks returned to their natural environment in three years. Curlew Action supports the work of Curlew Country by donating funds. So far, Curlew Action has donated £3,000. For more information about Curlew Country see their website,

EvYDmOfXAAEctT7Launched on 01 March 2021, the CRP provides co-ordination and support to those engaged in curlew conservation. Curlew Action is part of the CRP steering group, which also includes: Bolton Castle Curlew Festival, Curlew Country, Natural England, WWT, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, RSPB, Duchy of Cornwall, BTO. Curlew Action’s CEO and founder, Mary Colwell, is the chair of the CRP, which places Curlew Action in a uniquely important position for outreach and policy making for curlew conservation. For More information about the CRP see their website,

restore-logoRestore Our Planet is a grant-making charity which invests in the protection and restoration of natural habitat. The funding that resulted in the creation of Curlew Action was provided by Restore Our Planet. Curlew Action continues to work with Restore Our Planet to develop new projects. For more information about Restore Our Planet see their website,

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