moon curlew croped
Photograph © Peter Rutt

Please Support Our Work

We cannot do all that needs to be done without the support of friends and benefactors. Please help us in any way you can...


Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in curlews. If you can support us financially with either a contribution to our running costs - as a new charity we have many set-up costs to consider -  or by contributing to a  particular project - we would be very grateful.

Our first specific project is to produce a Fieldworker's Toolkit, (see the short video) and we need funds to help us have this ready for next breeding season. 

We are also working on the GCSE in Natural History - expect more details on that to follow very soon.

Any donations to Curlew Action will be used to to support these magnificent birds and to increase environmental education.

Thank you!

Illustration by Jessica Holm
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