Our Trustees


Roger Morgan-Grenville

Roger Morgan-Grenville is our Chair of Trustees. He was a soldier in the Royal Green Jackets for 9 years, during which time he served on five continents, and led the first expedition to successfully retrace Shackleton's extraordinary journey across the island of South Georgia. As well as a love of Curlews, he brings both business and charitable expertise, having been a founder, and the first head fund raiser for the charity Help for Heroes. He is an author, writing on  both natural history and sport, as well as an enthusiastic amateur beekeeper.

Likes: Bees

Dislikes: Pears

Favourite bird (other than a Curlew): Manx shearwater (or Wandering Albatross if Tim has taken shearwater!)


Alison Sterling3

Alison Sterling

Alison began her working life as an actor and theatre producer. She moved into TV and film production in 1997 and has made BAFTA-winning short films, two feature films, and now produces TV drama for both BBC, Channel 4 and others. She is a Trustee of Encounters Film Festival and Bristol Palestine Film Festival.  She brings experience from business and creative industry, as well as the not-for-profit sector.

Likes: The theatre

Dislikes: I have a few political figures in mind, but nothing we can publish

Favourite bird (other than a Curlew): Ornate hawk-eagle





Mike Smart

Our in house Curlew expert, Mike Smart has been watching birds in Gloucestershire since boyhood. He spent ten years in Tunisia and two in Iran, a good portion of which was spent birding, before returning to Gloucestershire in 1974 to work for the International Waterfowl Research Bureau (nowadays Wetlands International) at Slimbridge, then spent seven years in Switzerland at IUCN headquarters with the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. Since returning he has been involved in local conservation activities with the Gloucestershire Naturalists’ Society and the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and continues to watch waders in the Severn Estuary and Vale.

Likes: Waders!

Dislikes: But not the sort fishermen wear

Favourite bird (other than a Curlew): All of them

Tim Guilford

Prof Tim Guilford

Tim Guilford is a Professor of Animal Behaviour and a Tutorial Fellow in Zoology at Merton College, Oxford. Much of his current research explores how long distance wandering seabirds migrate, map and navigate across the open oceans. He serves on the board as both a scientific advisor and educational expert. When not studying evolutionary adaptations, he attempts to defy them via paragliders, sea kayaks, and an enthusiasm for caves.

Likes: Wilderness

Dislikes: Forms

Favourite bird (other than a Curlew): Balearic shearwater (as Roger has probably taken Manx Shearwater)



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