Photo by Helen Ryman

Curlews are caught in the crossfire of many of the conservation debates in the UK including: predator control, forestry, and agricultural practices. These topics can be complex and emotive and therefore at times difficult to discuss openly. In our free webinar series Conservation: lessons from the CurlewCurlew Action is working to address these topics by inviting expert speakers to join in discussion with our Director, Mary Colwell.

Liam O'Hara4

webinar: Curlews on the coast

Wednesday 18th October 18:30-20:00

The UK is of international importance to Eurasian Curlew, we are home to 25% of the global breeding population and during the winter months are shorelines play host to thousands of Curlew and other shorebirds who have migrated here to escape the colder winters elsewhere. How is climate change impacting these vital coastal sites? Is coastal development a serious threat to Curlew?

Image by Liam O'Hara.

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