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Curlews are caught in the crossfire of many of the conservation debates in the UK including: predator control, forestry, and agricultural practices. These topics can be complex and emotive and therefore at times difficult to discuss openly. In our free webinar series Conservation: lessons from the CurlewCurlew Action is working to address these topics by inviting expert speakers to join in discussion with our Director, Mary Colwell.

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Webinar: Predators & curlews

Thursday 13th October 18:30-20:00

Join us for our fifth seminar in our Conservation: lessons from the curlew series.

One of the biggest threats to curlews in the UK is our high numbers of generalist predators. High predation levels are having a serious impact on our wading bird populations. This is an emotive and nuanced topic but one which must be addressed.

How do we live alongside predators while also protecting biodiversity?

Our speakers will be Patrick Galbraith, author of In Search of One Last Song: Britain's disappearing birds and the people trying to save them and editor of Shooting Times.  Prof Russell Wynn, Manager of the Curlew Recovery Partnership and Ranger, Tim Robinson.

400 miles down


Tuesday 18th October 18:30-20:15

During the spring of 2022, our chair of trustees, Roger Morgan-Grenville undertook a 1,000-mile solo journey on foot from Lymington to Cape Wrath, partly to see for himself the state of Britain’s natural heritage, and partly as an exercise in raising both funds and awareness for Curlew Action.

Through Covid, blizzards, and physical obstacles, he reached Cape Wrath 57 days later, eleven kilos lighter but still remarkably free of blisters. On Tuesday 18th October, and by kind permission of Lord and Lady Cowdray, Roger will be telling the illustrated story of the walk, and of what he found, for the first time in Buck Hall at Cowdray House, in a special evening event designed to raise money for Curlew Action.

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webinar: managing the uplands

Wednesday 16th November 18:30-20:00

Join us for our sixth seminar in our Conservation: lessons from the curlew series.

Details: to be confirmed.

Photo by Steve Haycock.

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