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Leave a legacy to curlew action

Curlews are some of Britain’s most graceful and awe-inspiring birds. But they are also fast declining. We need your help to change that. If you would like to do something amazing for the curlew, you can remember Curlew Action in your will.

You can make a lasting difference

You don’t need to be wealthy or to give any more than you can afford in order to make a big difference to the lives of curlews, so you can still make sure your loved ones come first when writing your will.

We deeply appreciate your consideration of leaving us a gift. By deciding to do so, you will be creating a lasting legacy which will continue having an impact long after you are gone.

Our promise to you

We understand the trust you are putting in us by including us in your will. In return, we promise to:


  • Use your money carefully and responsibly. We keep our running costs minimal so we can focus our spending on science-led conservation and outreach.
  • Respect your wishes. If you feel that you would like your gift to be spent in a certain way, or if you would like to change your mind at any time, we will ensure your wishes are respected.
  • Protect your information. If you decide to remember us in your will, our commitment to data protection will ensure your information is safe and fully in your control.
  • Safeguard your legacy. Make sure that the generations you leave behind can grow up watching curlews, and hearing their bubbling calls across the wild places of the UK.
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Photo by Helen-Ryman
Paul Slade
Photo by Paul Slade

Leave us a gift

If you would like to leave a gift to Curlew Action in your will, please contact Ellen to find out more about the legacies process.


Curlew numbers are declining all around the British Isles, and many of our wonderful supporters want to do more to help their local curlews. We offer some suggestions about the best ways to get involved besides donating to Curlew Action.

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Keep dogs on the lead

During breeding season, it is essential that dogs are kept on the lead when anywhere that curlews may be nesting. This will minimise the danger that dogs may disturb nests, either destroying eggs themselves or making chicks more vulnerable to predation by nearby animals. If you live near a nesting site, we encourage you to put up signs and inform others to be careful with their dogs.

Look after your environment

One of the key problems facing curlews is the destruction of their habitats. As humans, we can choose to either continue causing this problem, or contribute to making it better by looking after our environment. We believe the answer is pretty clear!

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Want to get your hands dirty?

Whilst you can't volunteer to carry out fieldwork directly through Curlew Action, we recommend seeing which groups are looking after the curlews in your area. The Curlew Recovery Partnership is a good resource for finding local curlew groups, or just ask us!

Organise events

The more events we hold, the more we can convey our important message. Even a tiny local event could inspire one person to campaign for wildlife, and they could make all the difference!

Photo credit: Hugh Warwick

Fundraise for us

Curlew Action is a small charity with big goals: we want to prevent the curlew population crisis. And we can't do it without your support. Take a look at our resources below to get started!

Help spread the word

One of the most important parts of our mission is getting the public excited about curlews and conserving nature. Without this, our conservation efforts would be wasted. If you would like to get involved in our outreach work, consider joining our ambassador network or contact Ellen for more information.

Fundraise for Curlew Action

By getting involved in fundraising you can not only raise vital funds to make a real difference for curlew conservation, but also take part in fun and rewarding activities which can be done at work, at school, outdoors, or even on your sofa! If you would like to fundraise for us and would like some printed flyers, posters and Curlew Action donation boxes please get in touch! 

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