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Webinar series

Our webinar series, Conservation: lessons from the Curlew, is working to address some of the complex issues involved in Curlew conservation including: forestry, predators, farming and upland management.

Visit our webinar page to watch recordings and sign up to our next webinar, Curlews in myths and legends, on Wednesday 19th of April at 18:30.

Photo by Helen Ryman

Ground nesting birds

It's nesting season! From March-July we need to be extra careful to protect nests. Curlews nest on the ground and so are particularly vulnerable to disturbance from walkers, cyclists and inquisitive pooches. Let's work together to make sure curlews have a successful nesting season by keeping to paths and having dogs on leads in nesting areas.

Please download one (or both!) of these signs, share them on social media and put them up on billboards near you to protect your local ground nesting birds.

If you would like A4, laminated copies of these signs please email Ellen, all you need to do is donate for postage.

Poster designed by Ellie Stacey

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Poster designed by Lucy Kenner

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I can’t think of a more Irish bird than the Curlew, that singer of bitter-sweet songs over fields and bogs that heralds the start of warmer days. Come April, the bubbling call builds into a crescendo of urgent notes, at once sad and ecstatic, and it never fails to stop me in my tracks. Yeats called it one of the oldest cries in the world alongside the water cry and the wind cry. – Mary Colwell


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Photo by Tom Streeter

support our work

Curlew Action has a range of Curlew Merchandise including t-shirts, socks, pin badges, original curlew art and greetings cards! Check out our online shop to browse our curlew products. All profits are used to support our curlew projects. 

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