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"Curlews are the song of the wild, we cannot let them disappear.”

– Mary Colwell

🇺🇦 While we will continue to share information about curlew conservation, our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine. Curlew Action supports peace everywhere.

Photo by RTS Photography

Upcoming Events

Please support Roger's 1,000 Mile Walk for Curlews

Our chair of trustees, Roger Morgan-Grenville has now completed his 1,000 mile walk from Lymington to Cape Wrath to raise awareness and funds for curlew conservation. Roger's goal is to raise £25,000 for Curlew Action, click the button below to donate or find out more!

Online seminar: Forestry

Wednesday 14th September 18:30-20:00

Join us for our fifth seminar in our Conservation: lessons from the curlew series. Curlews nest on the ground in open areas away from trees that could harbour predators. Planting trees on curlew habitat poses a real threat to our dwindling curlew population. How do we balance the need to protect curlews with the very real need to plant more trees?

report a ringed curlew

If you spot a ringed curlew please send details to and cc in

Include as much detail as possible:

  • Location
  • Date
  • Time of day
  • Numbers/ letters on the ring (if possible)
  • Colours of bands (as if looking at bird front on e.g. left leg, red over blue, right leg white over green)
  • Photo (if possible)

Photo credit: Sam Franks. Reporting ringed curlews is vital for scientific research and monitoring of our curlew population. If you see one please get in touch.

gcse in natural history confirmed

Our Director, Mary Colwell, has been campaigning for 11 years for a GCSE in Natural History. On the 21st of April 2022, the department of education announced that this new GCSE will be introduced to schools in September 2025. This is a huge achievement and everyone here at Curlew Action would like to thank Mary for all her hard work in turning this into a reality.

"We will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught."

- Baba Dioum

Art & poetry competition

Ground nesting birds

It's nesting season! From March-July we need to be extra careful to protect nests. Curlews nest on the ground and so are particularly vulnerable to disturbance from walkers, cyclists and inquisitive pooches. Let's work together to make sure curlews have a successful nesting season by keeping to paths and having dogs on leads in nesting areas.

We ran a competition to create Curlew Action's official Ground Nesting Birds sign and here are our two winners! Thank you to everyone who entered. Please download one (or both!) of these signs, share them on social media and put them up on billboards near you to protect your local ground nesting birds.

If you would like a physical copy of these signs please email Ellen, all you need to do is donate for postage.

Poster designed by Ellie Stacey

Click image to download

Poster designed by Lucy Kenner

Click image to download


GCSE in Natural History confirmed!


“A GCSE in Natural History is a unique opportunity for young people to engage with wildlife in a structured, guided way, to learn the skills of a naturalist at a time when we need them more than ever. I am so delighted it is, at last, a reality.” – Mary Colwell


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Photo by Tom Streeter

support our work

Curlew Action has a range of Curlew Merchandise including t-shirts, socks, pin badges, original curlew art and greetings cards! Check out our online shop to browse our curlew products. All profits are used to support our curlew projects. 

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