Countdown to World Curlew Day

Getting Ready For World Curlew Day - 21 April

Curlew Moon


On April 21st 2016, on what would become World Curlew Day, Mary Colwell began her walk across Ireland, Wales and England to learn more about Curlew. Placed on the Red List of endangered species in 2015 Mary knew she had to do something to help this iconic bird. Learning more was the obvious first course, and from her learning she has turned to teaching all of us.

To do so she wrote 'Curlew Moon' and from that book Curlew Action was born - it made clear the need for an organisation such as Curlew Action, and the Trustees wish to commend Mary's book to help learn and understand why we do what we do.

Curlew Moon can be ordered from any bookshop, and online it is available from the Natural History Book Service (NHBS) in hardback or paperback. It's the best preparation we can suggest to prepare to mark World Curlew Day, April 21st.

Come back here soon to check out other events we are planning for World Curlew Day' on April 21st. 

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A New Patron for Curlew Action

David-Gray-featSinger / songwriter David Gray has accepted an invitation to become our first Curlew Action Patron.

"I am delighted to become a Patron of Curlew Action. These are desperate times for wildlife, but the idea of losing magical birds like the curlew from our landscape is just more than my heart can bear. Curlew Action are all about funding protective and educational efforts but on a localised level, and it‘s inspiring to see the difference that that can make. I’m extremely honoured to be involved and will be rolling up my sleeves with the rest of the team in order to try to preserve a prosperous future for these magnificent creatures.”

David has contributed to two of our Curlew Films and is planning to highlight curlew awareness during the publicity of his forthcoming new album "Skellig" - available digitally  in February then available for sale in May on vinyl and CD. Get a sneak preview here...

In April 2020 Mary Colwell talked with  David Gray, our new Patron, about curlews

Head over to our Podcast page to listen to more interviews and programmes about Curlew around the world.

Curlews are in crisis: once a common sight they are now one of the world's most threatened birds. Curlew Action is working in Britain and Ireland and with partners overseas to save them.


Welcome to Curlew Action

The Eurasian Curlew, Numenius arquata, was once a common sight across Ireland and the UK and their distinctive calls could be heard along coasts and across farmland, in the lowlands and uplands.

Today, widespread changes to our countryside have seen their numbers dramatically decline, especially over the last 40 years. In Southern Ireland curlews have decreased by over 90%, in Wales by over 80% and on average we have lost 60% throughout England and Scotland since the 1980s.

All this is happening as society is becoming ever more detached from the natural world, we are less connected to nature than at any other time in history. This has to change.

We are supporting curlew conservation across Britain and Ireland, and beyond, by providing practical help, raising awareness, increasing natural history education and by building the relationships needed to give curlews a future.


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Curlew at Sunrise by James Currell

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