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Curlew Action CEO Mary Colwell, some of our Trustees, and a number of our friends and supporters regularly publish articles, books and academic papers. In this section we aim to keep you updated with some of those, either presenting them in full where possible, or providing a summary and details on obtaining the full work.

The 3rd issue of the international Journal of Wader Science, released on 3rd Dec 2021

The Dasgupta Review on the economics of biodiversity, an independent report commissioned by the UK Treasury, was published on 2 February 2021

Published in 2020 the British Trust for Ornithology Audit of local studies of breeding Curlew and other waders in Britain and Ireland

Mary Colwell writes in Country Life Magazine about the prospect of predator controls, to save endangered Curlew.

Exam For Life - A new GCSE in natural history will teach children about wildlife. By Mary Colwell, published in Shooting Times.

The Legend of St Beuno, Celtic saint and missionary, whose sermons were saved by a Curlew. Written for The Tablet by Mary Colwell

Red Sixty Seven from BTO is 67 love letters to our most vulnerable species, each beautifully illustrated by some of the best wildlife artists around...

Writing for BBC Wildlife Magazine Mary Colwell examines the role the religions of the world have to play in conservation.

Writing in The Guardian, Mary Colwell reflects that a civilised debate on predator control is required to protect wild species in decline.

Writing for British Wildlife Magazine, Mary Colwell reflects on walking 500 miles to highlight the plight of the Curlew.

Curlew Moon was written by our CEO Mary Colwell following her 500 mile walk to explore the plight of the Curlew.

Mary Colwell writes for The Guardian in 2018 - A forestry boom is turning Ireland into an ecological dead zone

Published April 2020 - A transdisciplinary approach to a conservation crisis: A case study of the Eurasian curlew in Ireland

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