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Little curlew

By Curlew Action | 11/04/2023

The aptly named Little Curlew (Numenius minutus), is the smallest of the Curlew species.  Its long neck and upright posture give it an elegant appearance as it walks through the grasslands it inhabits on its slender blue-grey legs. Its upper body is speckled with buff, brown and black feathers, whilst its lower body has a […]

Far Eastern Curlew

Far-eastern curlew

By Curlew Action | 05/04/2023

The Far-Eastern curlew, Numenius madagascariensis, is the largest migratory shorebird in the world. Its iconic curved bill is well known across the many countries that span the East Asian and Australasian Flyway. Its famous call is similar to that of the Eurasian curlew, but noticeably deeper in tone. Despite its status as a well-loved bird […]


Irish curlew

By Mary Colwell | 13/03/2023

Photo by Annemarie Loof By Mary Colwell. I can’t think of a more Irish bird than the Curlew, that singer of bitter-sweet songs over fields and bogs that heralds the start of warmer days. Come April, the bubbling call builds into a crescendo of urgent notes, at once sad and ecstatic, and it never fails […]

Tim Melling Curlew In Grass2

Webinar summary: cost of a curlew

By Lottie Trewick | 24/02/2023

By Lottie Trewick  In the latest Curlew Action webinar, The Cost of a Curlew, we took a closer look at the economics of nature. A complicated and sometimes controversial topic; some argue putting a price on nature is the best way to save it, whilst others regard it as another cog in the wheel of […]

John Fox5n9a4911

Curlews in europe

By Mary Colwell | 14/02/2023

The Eurasian Curlew is such an important indicator of the health of landscapes, not just in the very western end of its range in the UK and Ireland, but right across Europe. This is a bird that breeds on the wet peat bogs of Southern Ireland and across the wild steppes of Siberia; it is […]

Fox Vincent Van Zalinge

Foxes and game birds

By Curlew Action | 12/01/2023

In October 2022, we held a webinar on Curlews and Predators. The predation of Curlew eggs and chicks is one of the leading causes of the species’ decline. It is an emotive and complicated topic to discuss, but it is important these discussions are held so that we can get closer to the solution of […]



By Mary Colwell | 24/10/2022

I’d like to think there is one thing we can all agree on – at a time of mounting ecological stress where species are thinning out or disappearing at an unprecedented rate, everyone should be much kinder to the natural world. And I use that word ‘kinder’ with care. Kind has its roots in the […]

Mary Bino

mary colwell awarded prestigious rspb medal

By Curlew Action | 18/10/2022

Mary Colwell is the Founder and Director of Curlew Action. She has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the plight of the Curlew. For eleven years, she spearheaded the campaign for a GCSE in Natural History, which was confirmed earlier this year and will be in schools from September 2025. The team at Curlew Action […]

Umbrella Species No Text

Umbrella species: why saving curlew helps more than curlew

By Curlew Action | 21/06/2022

Anyone who has heard the call of the Curlew knows they are worth protecting in their own right, their evocative, eerie cry across a moor or a mudflat belongs to the soul of our wild places. To add to their significance as an iconic and much loved British bird, they are what is known as […]


Yorkshire curlews

By Mary Colwell | 25/04/2022

By Mary Colwell. Anthropomorphism isn’t such a sin; it is a reflection of a deep desire to connect with wildlife and to better understand the world of non-human life. We all do it, I bet even the most rigorous scientist will see a reflection of themselves in the wild world around them. I do. Spend […]

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