By Mary Colwell | 24/10/2022

I’d like to think there is one thing we can all agree on – at a time of mounting ecological stress where species are thinning out or disappearing at an unprecedented rate, everyone should be much kinder to the natural world. And I use that word ‘kinder’ with care. Kind has its roots in the …

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Mary - bino

mary colwell awarded prestigious rspb medal

By Curlew Action | 18/10/2022

Mary Colwell is the Founder and Director of Curlew Action. She has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the plight of the Curlew. For eleven years, she spearheaded the campaign for a GCSE in Natural History, which was confirmed earlier this year and will be in schools from September 2025. The team at Curlew Action …

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Umbrella species: why saving curlew helps more than curlew

By Curlew Action | 21/06/2022

Anyone who has heard the call of the Curlew knows they are worth protecting in their own right, their evocative, eerie cry across a moor or a mudflat belongs to the soul of our wild places. To add to their significance as an iconic and much loved British bird, they are what is known as …

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Yorkshire curlews

By Mary Colwell | 25/04/2022

By Mary Colwell. Anthropomorphism isn’t such a sin; it is a reflection of a deep desire to connect with wildlife and to better understand the world of non-human life. We all do it, I bet even the most rigorous scientist will see a reflection of themselves in the wild world around them. I do. Spend …

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GCSE in Natural History confirmed!

By Ellen Bradley | 21/04/2022

“A GCSE in Natural History is a unique opportunity for young people to engage with wildlife in a structured, guided way, to learn the skills of a naturalist at a time when we need them more than ever. I am so delighted it is, at last, a reality.” – Mary Colwell At a meeting of …

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At the Very End of the Road

By Ellen Bradley | 01/04/2022

Blog post by Ellen Bradley & Phillip Edwards The impact that the natural world has on our air quality, our soil fertility and our water purity is, by now, well understood. But what about our culture? For millennia, the wildlife around us has been inspiring poets, artists and writers. Without the astonishing array of plants, …

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Young people draw lines in the sand over nature loss

By Ellen Bradley | 28/03/2022

Following their hugely successful 2021 campaign, Natural Kingdom: Wild Walls, UK Youth for Nature, the UK’s leading youth group calling on governments and politicians to tackle the loss of nature, is once again sending a clear message to our government that nature cannot wait. Last year, Curlew Action supported the youth group with their campaign …

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One man, one bird and a one thousand mile walk

By Curlew Action | 22/02/2022

A small charity’s mission to save Britain’s most precious bird. Globally, we’ve lost 50% of our wildlife, and Britain is one of the most nature depleted countries in the world. Our intensively managed islands are forcing nature to survive at the fringes of human development, and wildlife must adapt rapidly to changing landscapes. Over the …

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Curlews in Literature

By Curlew Action | 08/12/2021

Written by Charlotte Varela. Illustration by Jessica Holm. From lapwings in Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights to the titular raven in Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, birds have long acted as inspiration for literature. Some are used to evoke a sense of freedom and wildness while others are an ill-omen, foreshadowing tragedy. The curlew, however, has long evoked a …

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The Junior Curlew Network – engaging young people with curlew conservation

By Ellen Bradley | 08/12/2021

Written by Ellen Bradley. Engaging people with the nature around them is a cornerstone of conservation. Britain has a long history of studying our nature and is the home of many world-class naturalists including Charles Darwin, Jane Goodall and David Attenborough. Yet many of our young people seem totally removed from the wildlife in our …

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