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An update on the Natural History GCSE

By Mary Colwell | 14/09/2023

It has been a while since we had an update on the progress of the GCSE in Natural History, so this is where we are. The Department for Education announced the new GCSE as part of their Climate Change and Sustainability programme, in April 2022. This initiative sets out a range of measures for schools […]

A selfie photo of Mya Bambrick and Mary Colwell

Mya Bambrick dedicates walk to Curlews

By Megan Shersby | 31/08/2023

In the eighth of her ’21 Wildlife Walks’, Mya Bambrick visited the Severn and Avon Vales to learn more about the Eurasian Curlew and its conservation – including walking with Curlew Action Founder and Director Mary Colwell, and Curlew Action Trustee Mike Smart. She also met up with Daniel Gornall, Research Officer at the Wildfowl […]

Flock of Eurasian Curlews standing in water, with one coming into land.

Curlew hunting ban in France extended until July 2024

By Megan Shersby | 22/08/2023

In early August 2023, it was announced that the hunting of three species of birds – Eurasian Curlew, European Turtle Dove and Black-tailed Godwit – had been suspended in France until 30 July 2024. The three ban orders were signed by Christophe Béchu, the Minister of Ecological Transition. “Curlew Action is delighted that hunting of Curlews […]

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Curlews in the Netherlands – lessons for the UK lowlands? Summary Blog

By Mary Colwell | 13/06/2023

Mary Colwell, Mike Smart (Curlew Action), Rebecca Pringle (Natural England) with Dutch hosts Henk-Jan Ottens (Montagu’s Harrier Foundation), Gerrit Gerritsen (Birdfriendly Dairy) SUMMARY OF FINDINGS The Netherlands has long devoted attention to “meadow birds” (ground-nesting waders, notably Black-tailed Godwit, Lapwing, Redshank, Ruff, and Curlew). One of the current leaders of the long-term research is Prof. […]

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Day 1 – Visit to Friesland , NE Netherlands

By Mary Colwell | 02/06/2023

Written by: Mike Smart, Mary Colwell – Curlew Action Rebecca Pringle – Natural England We visited the Netherlands to see how Curlews are faring in the intensive farmland that makes up the majority of this small, highly managed country – can we glean any wisdom on how to help curlews nesting in the lowlands in […]

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curlew action fact-finding mission to finland: May 2023

By Mary Colwell | 24/05/2023

By Mary Colwell and Russell Wynn Summary Finland has a human population of 5.5 million, the UK is nearly 70 million. Finland in 1.4 times larger than the UK. Most people live in the south of Finland. More than 75% of Finland’s land area is forested, but these forests are significantly different to UK woodlands, […]

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Finland trip: day 4

By Mary Colwell | 16/05/2023

Day 4 – Curlews in North Karelia It makes sense when you see curlews in vast peatlands. A large brown bird doesn’t look so big or stand out so much in the vast mires of North Karelia, in fact it looks small, and it blends into the background, camouflaged against the browns, whites, and greys […]

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Finland trip: day 3

By Mary Colwell | 15/05/2023

Finland – Day 3. Linnunsuo wetland and Liperi to see the curlews in the nesting areas in the western part of North Karelia. The sun glinted off the freshwater pools, and the azure sky was filled with the sound of hundreds of little gulls and migrating barnacle geese. In the shallows were dabbling shoveler, teal, […]

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Finland trip: day 2

By Mary Colwell | 15/05/2023

This morning, before we left Helsinki, we were hosted by Nina Mikander, Global Director of Policy for Birdlife International. She put on a magnificent brunch – a big thank you from Curlew Action! Our conversation was wide-ranging, from the declining status of ‘meadow birds’, of which curlew are just one, to the main threats facing […]


Finland trip: day one

By Mary Colwell | 14/05/2023

Saturday 13th By Mary Colwell We are on our way to Helsinki! A small group from Curlew Action – Professor Russ Wynn (a trustee and ecologist/naturalist), Ellen Bradley (Manager of Curlew Action) and myself – are on a mission to explore the relationship between curlews and trees and predators, a complex but increasingly vital interaction […]

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