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Our ambassadors live across the UK (and beyond!), and help to raise awareness and funds for Curlew Action projects. They spread the word about the plight of the Curlew by writing articles, doing radio interviews, leading school assemblies, putting signs on their front gates and running creative curlew events. See some of their wonderful work below.

Lydia Mackinnon


1moira Mccourt
7moira Mccourt
Hilary Painting

Moira McCourt ran a curlew art competition for children in the local Staffordshire Moorlands area, and also created some beautiful thank you tokens for the XR Camino to COP26 Climate Emergency walkers as they arrived in her town, halfway between London and Glasgow. Each of her tokens were inscribed with a curlew drawn in ink on one side with the date, place and Thank You inscribed on the reverse.


Wildlife artist Hilary Kington has donated her beautiful woodcut 'Curlews in the Estuary, but how long for?' and ran the Portishead Saltmarsh day in August 2021, raising awareness about the importance of her local saltmarsh and all the wildlife it supports (including curlew).

Sarah Ledbury and Charlotte Varela have both written for local newspapers about curlews.

Sarah Ledbury
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Steph Smith donated some of the profits from her curlew sculpture "Eric" to support our cause. She continues to raise awareness by creating curlew sculptures. She is lending her wealth of experience as an ex-headteacher to support our Junior Curlew Network project.


Numerous other ambassadors have shared our content, written blog posts and promoted our merchandise. Thank you everyone for your support!

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for Curlew Action please email Ellen.


Stephanie Smith

Sarah Hannis is the artist behind some of our new t-shirt designs! She also donates a percentage of her sales of curlew artwork.

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