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A GCSE in Natural History

The GCSE in Natural History is now at the stage of awaiting final approval from the Department of Education. It has been a long road to get to this point, but we are hoping for a decision very soon. The exam board OCR have been wonderful in pushing this through the right channels and getting us to this point and we would like to thank them for their support. Caroline Lucas has also been a tremendous supporter in helping us navigate the world of politics.

Back in June, OCR launched a public consultation to see what people thought of the idea, Click here to replay the online seminar that launched the consultation on introducing a GCSE in natural History.. The seminar took place on 4th June, with our Director, Mary Colwell, giving a presentation and being part of the panel discussion.

The Q & A from the Launch event can be found here, and some of the many supportive comments in favour of the GCSE can be read here.

Have a look at Mary's presentation, below. It's also available on our YouTube channel - our thanks to wildlife cameraman Simon King for his help. Click here for an article in The Independent by Carloline Lucas MP on the importance of a GCSE in Natural History.

An article in the 'i' Newspaper considers why a Natural History GCSE is more relevant than ever due to coronavirus. Leading up to the consultation the Times Educational Supplement in January 2020 considered the good progress being made. Click here to read the article. And click here to read a report on the subject in the 'i' Newspaper.

If we get the go-ahead, actually, let’s make that WHEN we get the go-ahead, the syllabus will be overseen by the Oxford and Cambridge Exam Board (OCR) and they have recently published a Podcast explaining the background to what they are developing. Click here to listen to it.

Too young for a GCSE... but showing great promise!

Could you spot a grampy pig?

Our CEO Mary Colwell has been interviewed for The Observer / Guardian about plans for introducing a GCSE in Natural History. Click here to read the article and take a quiz to find out how you might fare in a GCSE!

Prof Dasgupta gets to the heart of why we need a GCSE in Natural History

At the launch of the Dasgupta Review on 2 February 2021 the report author encapsulates succinctly and perfectly why a GCSE in Natural History is so vital...

The Dasgupta Review

The Dasgupta Review on the economics of biodiversity, an independent report commissioned by the UK Treasury, was published on 2 February 2021.

The opening line of the Review puts it succinctly: "Our economies, livelihoods and wellbeing all depend on our most precious asset: nature. We are part of nature, not separate from it.”

Mary Colwell was invited to contribute to the Education section of the Dasgutpa Review, stressing the vital place biodiversity has, not only on our planet but on our global economy as well. "Every child in every country is owed the teaching of natural history, to be introduced to the awe and wonder of the natural world, and to appreciate how it contributes to our lives."

Read the section submitted by Mary Colwell here (PDF file opens in a new window)

Read the full report below (PDF file opens in a new window)

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