Mike Smart

Our in house Curlew expert, Mike Smart has been watching birds in Gloucestershire since boyhood. After birding for ten years in Tunisia and two in Iran, he returned to Gloucestershire in 1974 to work for the International Waterfowl Research Bureau (now Wetlands International) at Slimbridge, then spent seven years in Switzerland at IUCN headquarters with the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. Mike is now involved with local conservation activities with the Gloucestershire Naturalists’ Society and the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, and continues to watch waders in the Severn Estuary and Vale. Mike’s considerable background in wader conservation is at the heart of the work we do at Curlew Action.

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Curlews on the Ham

Upton-on-Severn is a small town on the west bank of the River Severn (as its name suggests!), south of Worcester. The town itself is on slightly higher ground, alongside “Upton Ham”. Upton: Ham in the foreground, the town, Malvern Hills in the background. (Photo by John Dickinson) The Ham is a meadow which regularly floods […]

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