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On the edge: Curlews suffering from conifer plantations in Northern Ireland and beyond

By Ellen Bradley | 08/12/2021

Written by Dakota Reid, Curlew Action ambassador and Irish environmentalist. Healthy peatlands are few and far between in Northern Ireland. But despite restoration offering a huge range of carbon, biodiversity, flood prevention and water quality benefits, restoration rates have been painfully slow without proper government funding being allocated [author’s image]. As anyone who cares about […]

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The Future for Curlews

By Curlew Action | 08/12/2021

Written by Ellie Martin, 2nd year BSc (Hons) Zoology student at Hartpury University Four years ago, the Eurasian Curlew (Numenius arquata) was deemed near threatened on the IUCN Red List (2017), and even then, populations were seen to be decreasing. It is hard to know the current status of Curlews due to a lack of recent […]

Tim Melling Flying Curlew

Curlew: Of mourning and hope

By Curlew Action | 08/12/2021

Written by Charlotte Varela. Photo credit: Tim Melling It’s hard to believe that, until relatively recently, I had never even heard of curlews. My love affair began with another love affair, 12 years ago, when I met my partner Matthew. He lived in the countryside and would take us on long nature walks across the […]

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The Ecological Importance Of Curlews

By Curlew Action | 08/12/2021

Written by Katy Ellis.  Photo credit: Dan Cox As an Ecology student, I am interested in how the planet’s organisms interact with one another and their environment. Understanding the ecology of something, be it bird, bush or beetle, is vital if we are to inspire people in the importance of protecting it. Though marine and […]

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The Curlew Recovery Partnership

By Russell Wynn | 08/12/2021

Introduction The Curlew Recovery Partnership (CRP) was officially launched on 01 Mar 2021, and following a joint press release it was encouraging to see widespread publicity in national, regional and specialist media. The first emails started arriving in our CRP email account from mid-morning onwards on launch day, and for the remainder of the month […]

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Conflicts in conservation – is our love of nature a threat to wildlife?

By Curlew Action | 08/12/2021

Written by Rosie Holdsworth. I did a big silly run recently, and it gave me plenty of time to think a lot about Curlews. They’ve recently returned to my neck of the woods to nest and, as usual, their presence has lifted my spirits and reminded me that summer’s not too far away. However, their […]

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Creating future naturalists: why is natural history education so important?

By Curlew Action | 22/11/2021

Written by Chris Platt. Natural history covers so many walks of life ranging from science, to community engagement, to wellbeing. It branches into every part of our lives and affects the delicate balance of the natural world. It’s for this reason that the need to educate people about natural history and conservation is so important. […]

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